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The scene represents a two road station with bay platform station and adjacent yard.  The layout is ‘U’ shape fiddle yard to terminus.  Designed to fit into a spare bedroom, the length of trains is limited by the fiddle yard.

It is imagined that the station with two roads and a ‘bay’, provides for passenger trains serving a nearby town. The adjacent  yard, originally used wholly for rail infrastructure purposes, is now partly occupied by a small independent servicing and maintenance company undertaking contract light maintenance and repair work for all operators. The company also provides fuel facilities for visiting locomotives. Network Rail utilise the remainder of the yard  

No claim is made that the scene represents any known prototype location; it was built for us to run our ‘fleet’ of modern image locomotives and passenger trains which are mainly, but not exclusively, in post privatisation liveries. Regional colours tend to be those seen in and around the midlands. There is a small amount of Network Rail rolling stock.

The fiddle yard is a swinging sector board about 5ft in length with six 'roads'. In operation five of those roads are used by trains heading for the station and one is kept for locomotives that come 'off shed'. But it is for the operators to decide how it will be utilised on any given day, or at any time during the operating session.

The length of trains is limited by the length of the fiddle yard and a loco and four or five carriages is the norm. There is no hard and fast rule but we mainly run stock in liveries that may have been seen in years 2000 – 2010, however this is again a decision for the operators who have their own favourite locomotives.

All rolling stock items and most of the scenic items are ‘off the shelf’ but  power units are ‘chipped’ for DCC.  Control is DCC using an NCE ‘Power Cab' DCC system.

Living in the Midlands the layout reflects the colours and styles of the railways we see on a daily basis.  But where would Benton Corner be situated if it existed, other than in the West Midlands, who knows ?

The project has been dismantled, but if you wish any information:


Mac Strong

Benton Corner: OO Gauge

by Mac Strong & Andy Horton