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Bridgnorth: OO

By Stephen Meredith

The layout is a faithful representation of Bridgnorth Station on the Severn Valley Railway.  The layout is one of two similar models, the initial layout was built many years ago and was a permanent layout built on an industrial working bench, and an old fashioned drawing board which was attached and screwed to the bedroom wall. The second layout was a fresh start, built as an exhibition layout with portability in mind, and with the intension of using some of the buildings that were made correct to scale. The new frames were of I section aluminium (TIG) welded with plywood screwed to top.

The layout at one stage did go through a hole in the wall of the bedroom into an adjoining bedroom with a 9 foot diameter curve to allow the train to return back through the same wall towards the station after a good run of about 20 foot. This was during my single days when after a few beers it seemed like a great ideas to modify the bedroom walls.   These have since been plastered up and the bedrooms re-appropriated back to children’s rooms at the wife request.

The period modelled is preservation around the time of the completion of the new boiler shop since this was the last building I made, and is in fresh un-weathered condition. For operational interest the layout can run any preserved loco by the way of a gala weekend. So any loco that has visited the SVR for any length of time is accepted in my book, and using the free time tables given out, an accurate running program can be achieved. Coupled with the fact I made a variable speed digital clock by way of a HND Electronics project.   

Rolling stock and locomotives on the layout faithfully reflect the Severn valley stock book.  The majority of the locos are highly detailed kit built (DJH, Millholme, Malcolm Mitchell) running with RG4 motors for smooth scale running.

A few proprietary locos also modified with added detail or even swapped tenders in the case of Bradley Manor 7802 running with 4500 gallon tender.

Coaches are either Bachmann or Comet Kits, wagons either Mainline, Bachmann or kits.  

Track-work is by the way of SMP code 75 track, and hand built turnouts made from templates.

Buildings have been produced with extensive use of “Kellogg’s” cardboard and stone effect paper. The green bits by “Woodland Scenic” and “BTA hobbies” range, the latter no longer available, has been used for much of the landscape.

Trees are all hand made using BT telephone cable and Woodland scenic products.

Some periods of operation at home may feature the introduction of SVR Diesel’s, Westerns and Warships and class 20, class 25, or a 4 car DMU as an additional Gala type weekend. The 08 shunter (D3586) is a station pilot on shed during normal steam running to facilitate stock movement at busy times from platform to platform.

All aspects of the model have been recreated a number of classic model cars in the car park, a few modified Subbuteo football figures converted to look like Morris dancers on the platform, a number of tractions engines on display by the shed. Even the Battle of Britain memorial flight overhead has been recreated with the Vulcan, Lancaster, & spitfire depicted in 1:72 scale (4mm).     


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