Warley Model Railway Club

Railway modelling in most scales and gauges

Warley Model Railway Club, Unit 1F Pearsall Drive, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2RA

Registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Charity No: 1153792

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Scales & gauges

We have members interested in all the main scales & gauges: 0, 00, N.  We also have members interested in some of the not so popular scales.  We even have our ever-popular ‘Thomas the Tank’ layout, which is always a great hit at shows and exhibitions.


When the club gets invited to other exhibitions there is often the opportunity to be "one of the team".  Of course this opportunity is greatest at our own exhibition.  Availability of any of these layouts for exhibition purposes is entirely at the discretion of the club and availability of operators.


What must not be forgotten is that members also continue their own projects outside the club and some of their work is featured here.

Follow the links in the drop-down above to see more of what we have in the various scales & gauges.  Not all of them are erected and in use at every instant, but there is plenty for a member to get involved with. Additionally you can find information on projects that members pursue when not at the club.

Not all have write ups, these will be posted as and when they are received.


All content on these pages is copyright Warley MRC unless otherwise acknowledged. The content may be used for non commercial purposes subject to the copyright being acknowledged.

As a model railway club, our layout activity reflects the interests of the members. We obviously cater for the mainstream scales/gauges plus others.

If a group of members is formed to pursue another scale, gauge or a new layout then we are always prepared to listen to their proposals

Layouts under construction

At the moment there are several layouts being built, and these offer a good chance to get ‘stuck in-to’ a project, and make your mark.  You might even help shape the final layout looks